About Us

The name Tri R reflects the history of our family-owned business. Tri R was founded in 1979 by Russ Bergeron and his two sons, Russ Junior and Rob. For 41 years, we’ve provided the latest in materials handling technologies, from rack pallet systems to automated storage and retrieval. Our 18,000 loyal customers count on us to complete every project on time and under budget. So far, we have successfully completed over 34,000 jobs and are looking forward to many more. We value efficiency, dependability and workplace safety. We especially take pride in our .73 EMR rating.

Although Russ Senior is no longer with us, we’re committed to carrying on his legacy of dependable customer service and expert knowledge. We’re a tight-knit family who have supported each other through thick and thin, including Rob’s cancer diagnosis. Thanks to the support of his family and his dedicated medical team at MD Anderson Cancer Center, Rob is healthy today and back to working hard for our clients. No matter what else life throws at us, we will continue working together to remain a trusted name in materials handling technologies.

We don’t just install materials handling technologies – although we’re very good at that. Our engineers will design warehouse solutions that are just right for your company’s individual’s needs. Our permitting team has resources across the US and Canada to make sure construction doesn’t get help up by legal requirements. And to top it all off, our project managers will be there making sure that everything happens according to schedule.

If you’re looking for a dedicated team to assist you with installing inventory storage systems and maximizing your warehouse’s productivity, Tri R is ready to get started. We’ll work closely with you at every step to ensure your satisfaction. Contact us for a free quote today.